About DinnerBooking


DinnerBooking.com is a website that helps you find the right restaurant or café in relation to your taste in cuisine and eating time. We are the country’s largest online booking site and on DinnerBooking.com you can quickly and easily make a table reservation for free 24 hours a day. Once the reservation is completed you will receive a booking confirmation on email and/or on your cell phone. All it takes is a DinnerBooking profile – it’s free and it only takes under 1 minute to create it.



Launch of an event system so the restaurants can sell tickets for special dinner events. Also a gift card system is launched so the restaurants can sell gift cards.


Guest App for iPhone launches, so guests can easily and quickly book table at restaurants and cafes, wherever they are and what they are doing.


Launch of an iOS App for smartphones and tablets giving restaurant keepers the ability to handle bookings on mobile devices.


Launch of DinnerBooking.com – a website targeted guests with the purpose of giving them an even better experience when making a table reservation.


DinnerBooking develops an online booking system targeted cafés. Subsequently, it has come to both restaurants and cafés and today we operate in 10 countries and on 8 languages.


The leading restaurants in Denmark were asked for advices to ensure the best possible understanding of the industry. Later DinnerBooking launched an updated version.


DinnerBooking develops the first online booking system for a restaurant in Copenhagen.


Our vision is to be on top-of-mind when it comes to table reservations at restaurants and cafés in Denmark. By launching DinnerBooking.com we wish to make it quick and easy for the guest to book a table. Also, we wish to develop the best online booking system and to provide the best service for restaurant keepers and thereby continue to be the preferred online booking provider in Denmark.


DinnerBooking.com makes it easy to find restaurants and cafés by location and type of cuisine. Find inspiration for your next restaurant visit, view guest feedback, find great deals and read interesting articles from the restaurant world on the blog.

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Download our DinnerBooking app for your iPhone totally free and you can quickly book a table at our restaurants and cafes, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. With the app you can also quickly find out which restaurants that are near you and see your future bookings. So have you forgotten when it is-you can quickly see it in My bookings. In other words, the app filled with wonderful opportunities and practical solutions.

DinnerBooking is the leading online booking system for restaurants and cafés in Denmark, and is used by more than 850 restaurants. We handle a booking every 9th second 24 hours a day and 13 million guests each year.


+850Active restaurants
+13 millionVisitors in 2016
14 / 12Country / Language
+3.5 millionBookings in 2016