Multiple Sites

Share guest information across your multiple sites

  • Easy knowledge sharing between your booking office and restaurant staff on your various locations
  • Build comprehensive, centralized guest profiles. Complete with order history, life time value and more
  • đź‘Ť GDPR compliant

Keep your guests within your own organization and sites

  • Inform the guest in case you are working with double seating
  • Own your guests and easily refer them to your other sites 
  • Use our fully integrated event system for online ticket sale to special events

Optimize daily flow in your booking office & grow revenue

  • Easy and fast to navigate, switch- and move bookings between sites
  • Automatically identify guests who has made a double booking
  • Easy use of the internal order system to handle larger groups

Data is a key factor to analyze and understand your business

  • Supports all common web tracking tools and methods
  • Build in statistics module, empowering restaurant managers to make data driven decisions
  • API integrations to customize your own BI universe and transfer data to POS and workforce systems

Still unsure?

Let’s together find the right setup for your restaurant by:  

  • A personal tour on how our platform works 
  • Go through any potential concerns by using our solution 
  • Finding the right solutions that fits your needs