Sole Restaurant

Start the guest’s journey before arrival

  • Let the guest choose the length of the booking and thereby optimize seating by 25 %
  • Tailor and automate all the steps in the email- and SMS flow
  • Give your guest the flexibility to cancel their booking online

Automatically optimize your seating & increase revenue

  • Get the perfect overview of vacant tables in the restaurant 
  • Easy access to move- or switch bookings before- and during service 
  • Have the right tables be sold at the right time – also online
  • Use the fully integrated event system for ticket sales to special events

Use guest profiles for marketing and statistics

  • Send out newsletters or marketing campaigns
  • Track how well your campaign is performing
  • Become visible via
  • Use our statistic tool for a more detailed performance

Get an easy overview of your multiple areas & seating types

  • Create unique booking rules for different areas & increase your capacity by 25 %
  • Get a visual overview of all bookings and make it easier for your staff to execute service
  • Switch and move bookings between areas with a single click. Save time and maximize capacity

Still unsure?

Let’s together find the right setup for your restaurant by:  

  • A personal tour of how our platform works 
  • Go through any potential concerns by using our solution 
  • Finding the right solutions that fit your needs